Research and Development (R&D) at Laguna Khat Gallery, Kedah

On the 21st January 2022, the Calligraphy Unit continued its Research and Development (R&D) activities at the Laguna Khat Gallery, Kedah owned by Ustaz Zuhud ‘Ulya bin Iberahim. This gallery contains various types of art works including the artwork produce by inkjet printers on various materials such as canvas, wood, foam board, tarpaulin and others.

The Calligraphy Unit research group also had the opportunity to see the variety of calligraphy production technologies available in this gallery such as inkjet printers, laser cut machines and routers. They can also share knowledge and techniques to produce beautiful and interesting calligraphy with the owner of this gallery.

In addition, Ustaz Zuhud ‘Ulya also owns 2 homestay galleries in Yan district, Kedah which are used as mini galleries. Most of the works in the homestay gallery are hand -made and have a high aesthetic value.

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